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We Are SeaweedConsulting

A Brazilian Consulting Firm with years of experience supporting businesses like yours. We combine innovative techniques and timeless insights to provide you with the best possible solutions. Our premium seaweed products enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability. Trust our expertise to help your business achieve continued growth and success. Discover how our innovative products can revolutionize your agricultural practices and drive sustainable development.

Professional Biography

Miguel Sepulveda

Brazilian, Marine Biologist and postgraduate at University Federal Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) and specialist in Seaweed Farming.

He has developed several projects of Seaweed Farming (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Caribbean ,Mozambique, Zanzibar, Tunisia, Morocco) etc.

Working also as a Consultant on Seaweed Resources and their uses for Industry.

Has published many papers about Seaweed Farming and developed several governmental projects in many countries implementing Seaweed Mariculture programs for fishing communities and private companies.



Unique solutions


Market Analysis

SeaweedConsulting can provide in-depth analysis of the seaweed market, including trends, key players, and opportunities for growth. This service can help companies understand the current state of the market and make informed decisions about their own strategies.


Supply Chain Management

SeaweedConsulting can assist companies with optimizing their seaweed supply chain, from sourcing seaweed to delivering finished products to customers. This service can include help with procurement, logistics, and quality control.


Product Development

SeaweedConsulting can help companies develop new seaweed-based products, from conceptualization to market launch. This service can include support with product formulation, ingredient sourcing, and production process optimization.


Regulatory Support

SeaweedConsulting can provide support with navigating the regulatory landscape for seaweed-based products, including help with product labeling, safety testing, and certifications.

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